Sept 2007 Review: Naim SUPERNAIT amplifier and Neat MOTIVE 1s


The first published review of Naim Audio’s new Supernait amp has appeared in the June issue of Hi Fi Choice magazine. Malcolm Steward (who also wrote the very first review of the Neat Petite loudspeaker in 1991), used a pair of Motive 1 speakers to put the Supernait through its paces.

He concludes that; 

“it turned out to be a marriage made in heaven. Each product gelled with the other to form what proved to be an intensely satisfying and dynamic musical joint venture….the Supernait and the Neats seemed able to dig deeper still into the music and get to those telling, often quite deeply submerged, nuances with immeasurable dexterity.”

There has always been tremendous synergy between Naim electronics and Neat loudspeakers. We look forward to getting some hands-on experience with the Supernait in the near future.

Product Update: Gathering Momentum

The Momentum 3i standmount loudspeaker has received an excellent ‘Best Buy’ review in the current (November) issue of Hi-Fi Choice magazine.  This glowing review judges that the Momentum 3i is 

“brilliant at delivering all manner of delicate and subtle details deep down into the mix, making music much more human and believable.”  

It concludes

 “A superbly informative and dynamic design with all the virtues of a high-class standmount, that also delivers the bass weight and authority of a floorstander.  It’s a very realistic musical communicator at a very realistic price.”

The Momentum 4i floorstander has also been reviewed by Hi-Fi World magazine, winning a 4-globe recommendation;

“The Momentum 4is turn in an accomplished performance. They incorporate some well though-out and innovative technologies and the musical aptitude of their designer shines through in many aspects of their performance.” 

  “For anyone wanting a stylish, well designed and constructed floorstander with superb bass weight and an atmospheric nature, the Momentum 4is should definitely be on the audition list.”

Watch out for further Momentum reviews in Hi-Fi Plus and Hi-Fi Critic magazines over the coming weeks.