Stereophile Review – Iota Alphas

Another excellent review of the Iota ALPHA (we do make other speakers, you know…) has been posted online. This time it’s influential US magazine, Stereophile.

Check out the full review HERE

IOTA ALPHA tops AV Forums’ ‘Best Buy’ list of 2016


The IOTA ALPHA has been given the great honour of being placed on AV Forums online magazine’s Best Buy Loudspeakers of 2016.

‘The Neat IOTA Alpha is not simply one of the best speakers of 2016, it is one of the very best speakers of the decade.’

See the full Best Buy list here

Neat IOTA ALPHA: AV Forums review

The new IOTA ALPHA loudspeaker has scored very highly in a review from the highly regarded online magazine, AV Forums. Reviewer Ed Selley gave the ALPHA the much coveted ‘Highly Recommended’ seal of approval and described the speaker as ‘energetic, punchy and […] effortlessly together’. Read the full review here

Jan 2015 Reviews and Awards: HI-FI CRITIC Magazine Awards 2014

Three of Neat’s loudspeakers are featured in HI-FI CRITIC magazine’s 2014 Awards. The Ultimatum XLSThe Iota, and the Motive SX2 (the SX2 also reviewed in the current issue of the magazine).

“That open and incisive top end was immediately obvious when these speakers were connected onto the end of my regular system,. It ensures superior fine detail, as well as a superior openness and transparency”


June 2014 Review: Motive SX2


What Hi Fi magazine has published a 5-star review of the Motive SX2 in the current issue. It says:

“The sense of enthusiasm is infectious… these speakers want you to have a good time, and it didn’t take long before we forgot about our analyses, merrily tapping our feet along to whole albums at a time.”


March 2014 Review: Motive SX1


“There are speakers whose designers seem keen to convey on the listener a musical and sonic experience. That’s the sort the Neat Motive SX1 is.”

Read Markus Sauer’s Motive SX1 review on the 6 Moons online magazine here.

March 2014 Review: IOTA


Another great review for the Iota, this time from Neil Gader writing in the prestigious US magazine, The Absolute Sound.

” I don’t know how many times I became so lost in the music that these little marvels produced that I was fooled into thinking I was listening to the much larger set of speakers residing in my listening room.”

Full Review here.


Nov 2013 Reviews: Motive SX1

The first reviews of the Motive SX1 loudspeaker are now available. Of all the recently upgraded SX models, the SX1 is the most dramatically improved, in terms of the internal configuration, tuning, voicing – and its musical performance.


Starting with HiFi Choice magazine, where the SX1 receives a 5-star ‘Recommended’ rating from Ed Selley, the review concludes:

“The Neat is a fantastically accomplished all-rounder that will do justice to a wide variety of music… A superb revision to an already capable speaker.”

Andrew Everard is the Audio Editor of Gramophone magazine. His online review of the Motive SX1 can be viewed on his new website.

“Smaller than you might think, NEAT’s latest Motive SX1 speakers deliver an unmissably thrilling ride.”



Oct 2013 Review: Motive SX2


The first review of a Motive SX loudspeaker has appeared in the online magazine

Sept 2013 Review: IOTA

The Iota has received yet another wonderful review and a “Highly Recommended” award in online magazine AVForums.



AVForums badges are only awarded to certain products which reach or exceed certain levels of testing criteria and are thus an objective indicator of how well a product performs.

The Iota is also highlighted in a What HiFi ‘Ultimate Guide’ in the current issue.

“So these speakers are flexible, dinky, stylish and sonically superb. If there’s a downside to the Neat Iotas, we haven’t found it.”